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ASP 4.0 – ImageButton Control – Lab #012

Step 2 - ImageButton Click Handler

The Image Control in ASP.Net will not process Click Event and in that case, one can use ImageMap or ImageButton Control. These two controls can also give the click location in terms of X and Y coordinate values and the server can act based on this.

ASP ImageButton control derives from the Image Control and hence it has all the property and behaviour of the Image. The Click event handler will receive the ImageClickEventArgs, and we can query the x and y coordinate of the mouse click from it. This is helpful for the server to know which part of the image user clicked. In this Lab, we will explore ASP.Net’s ImageButton Control.

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ASP 4.0 – Image Control – Lab #011

Step 3 - Run and Test AlternateText Property

The Image Control in Asp.Net will render an image in the web browser. WebControl is base for this Image Control, and Image Control is the base class for ImageMap and ImageButton Controls.  ImageUrl property tells the control from where it should download image pixels. ImageAlign property helps to align the image along with other html web elements on the page. In this Lab, we will experiment the Image Control.

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ASP.Net ImageMap Control and Defining Image Hotspots

Hotspot values for Oklahoma State. Note, how two rectangle together defines the region

1. Introduction to ImageMap and HotSpots An ImageMap Control is an ASP.Net Web Control to mark specific portions of the Image. When a user clicks that specific portion, the ImageMap Control can either do a post back or navigate to an URL. This marked down portion is called HotSpot of an Image. In this example, we will mark specific states of USA by defining HotSpots in it and navigate to […]

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