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Swing JList With String Array

JList and ListSelectionEvent

In the top part of the JFrame, there is a JList which has scrolling enabled. It can show four items with no scrolling. But, to see other items scrolling is required. When the user selects an item, this sample shows that in a label. The label is next to the JList and the above screen not showing it as we have selected no item yet.

There is a set of controls below the JList which we can use to find a specific item in the JList. For example, the user can type Mango in the JTextField and click on the Find button. Our sample will search the item in JList and when it finds one, it highlights that item by selecting it. We will also scroll our list box to the selected item so that user does not need to scroll the List to see what item got selected. This is useful when the list is huge.

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