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AWT Grid Layout Manager Explained

Controls In AWT Grid Layout

1. Introduction to Grid Layout In Java, we can arrange the controls in rows and columns using Grid Layout Manager. For example in the calculator, the buttons are formed in grids. We can easily achieve this through Grid Layout Manager. Each controls in the grid holds same space. In other words, all the controls in this Layout have same dimensions. The Layout Manager arranges the controls Left to Right and […]

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Friend Class And Friend Function in C++

Class Claiming Friendship with a function

1. Introduction We all know that one can not access private members of a class outside. There is an alternative for this concept and we call the alternative as a Friend Functions. A Friend Function can access the private member of the class, and a Friend Class can also access the private member of a class. In this article, we will see the below concepts with examples: Creating a global […]

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