System Tray Balloon Tooltip Using C# NotifyIcon Control

SystemTray Using NotifyIcon Control Example

In this example, we study how to use C# NotifyIcon Control. Here, we also create a context menu and balloon tooltip to support the sample. The example places a tray icon when the user closes the application. When the user right clicks the Icon, it displays a context menu and through which the user can interact with this example. It runs a timer and when time crosses specific interval; the example notifies the user via a balloon tooltip. 

C# StatusStrip Control Explained

C# StatusStrip Example

‘StatusStrip’ is a group of strip controls like MenuStrip and ToolbarStrips. Application Developers uses the StatusStrips to display some quick status data to the user. C# StatusStrip Control allows us to add even combo and text boxes to the status. In this example, we will learn how to add a Status Bar to a C# Application with three status slots in it. Then we will look at some important properties and use that efficiently.

C# ToolStrip with Toolbar Buttons & Icons

Toolstrip C# Example

In this Example, we will create Toolbar and Toolbar buttons using the C# ToolStrip Control. After adding the Toolbar buttons to the ToolStrip Control, we study various properties of it. First, we learn how to right justify some toolbar buttons. Then we will learn how to show toolbars buttons with Image and Icon. Finally, we learn how to manage the visibility of the toolbar buttons when it overflows.

C# TableLayoutPanel Example

C# TableLayoutPanel Example

Do you know how the Table works in html? The “TableLayoutPanel” works almost the same way how the table works in html. In this example, we will see how the C# TableLayoutPanel can be used & how each cell of this panel behaves. Also, we will nest some other layout panel with this one. At the end we will see a small professional looking form that can be used by any hospital management application. OK. The C# TableLayoutPanel is collection cells and these cells can be arranged in rows and columns. We can imagine each cell as a special container. Why we say that it is a special container? Because each cell can hold only one control in it. What if we need to have multiple controls in one cell? Actually, that is not required most of the time for this container. But if we still need an answer, place a container you like in that cell and start placing the controls inside the container which occupying the cell. Say, for example, we can place a Panel in a cell and add multiple controls to that Panel.

C# MenuStrip & ContextMenuStrip Controls

C# MenuStrip Control Example

A Strip is a nearly thin slice of an object. Dot net has three great strip controls, namely MenuStrip, StatusStrip and ToolStrip. In this Example, we will explore the C# MenuStrip and ContextMenuStrip Controls. All the strip controls accommodate some other UI elements in it. A menu strip allows us to add Menu and Menu allows us to add Menu Items. Similarly, the ToolStrip control allows us to add one or more Tool Bar buttons in it. OK, let us go to the MenuStrip. The below screenshot shows our example: