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In this Section, you will learn Hyper Text Markup Language [Html]

HTML5 Table – Rowspan, Colspan

Html5 Rowspan ColSpan Example Output

In Html5,

tag will present the data as rows and columns. Suppose a table is having 5 rows and three columns, then the

tag contains five rows of data, with each row having 3 cells of data. In html,

represents a Table Row which will be placed inside the
tag. Each Table row may have one or more Table Data and Html represents it as

. In this example, we will see how to create a simple Html Table and then we will study Rowspan and Colspan attributes.

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HTML5 List – Ordered , Unordered & Definition

Html5 Nested List Example

Html5 supports three kinds of lists. They are: Ordered List, UnOrdered List, Definition List. Ordered List contains sequence numbers. So, when you want to provide a list item in which order is important, you can use the ordered list. In the Unordered List, the sequence of items is not needed, and browser renders these items as bulleted points. In Html5, Definition Lists are to provide terms & its definitions.

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