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Articles on SQL, TSQL and Management Studio. You can download Microsoft supplied sample database here:

Set Name for Foreign Key

Constraints Of SQL Table Column Explained

Constraints are rules that decide what data can enter the database tables. SQL server has six types of constraints and we will explore all these here with suitable examples. The constraints that we are going to explore are listed below:

Primary Key
Foreign Key
Not Null

Data Cloning of a Table

SQL Insert Data Techniques

We all know that to insert data into SQL server database we use the Insert statement. This article explains inserting data into the database table using various techniques available. First, we will start with normal insert statements. Then we will go ahead with inserting data from existing tables in the SQL Server Database.

Self Join SQL Example

Table Join Explored With Examples

“Table Joins” are useful for bringing data together from different tables based on their database relations. First, we will see how the join operates between tables. Then we will test the Order of Execution when Join and where condition both lies. Finally, we will move our exploration to Importance of the Join order. It is a good idea to know about database table relationships before reading this article.