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AWT Card Layout in Java Explained

Panel Containers as Cards

This example requires preliminary knowledge on the AWT Frame Window, Nested Containers. You can read the articles from the below Links in the order specified. Article on AWT Frame Window From Hub Pages Net work => Hub Page ArticleArticle on Panel and Nested Containers => Coding-Examples Article 1. Introduction to Card Layout In this example, we will look into Card Layout of Java AWT. This layout supports the display of […]

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AWT Grid Layout Manager Explained

Controls In AWT Grid Layout

1. Introduction to Grid Layout In Java, we can arrange the controls in rows and columns using Grid Layout Manager. For example in the calculator, the buttons are formed in grids. We can easily achieve this through Grid Layout Manager. Each controls in the grid holds same space. In other words, all the controls in this Layout have same dimensions. The Layout Manager arranges the controls Left to Right and […]

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