Custom Foreach Example Using IEnumerator and IEnumerable

Variable Number of Parameters to Constructor

We know that C# supports foreach loop to iterate through a collection. When we use For-Each we no need to worry about bounds check. Here, we will create Books collection maintained by Book Store and provide Custom For-each support for the collection class. This will help the client code to use for-each loop on our collection class.

ASP.Net ImageMap Control and Defining Image Hotspots

Hotspot values for Oklahoma State. Note, how two rectangle together defines the region

1. Introduction to ImageMap and HotSpots An ImageMap Control is an ASP.Net Web Control to mark specific portions of the Image. When a user clicks that specific portion, the ImageMap Control can either do a post back or navigate to…

Viewstate of Server in ASP.Net PostBack

ViewState is Turned OFF, 3 Post-Back And its Result

Page Level Viewstate is useful for the server to recall the data exchange between the Browser Posts. In this example, we will create a simple form to collect user data and perform multiple data posts to the server. With this Form Field Data, we will study behavior of the server by turning the ViewState ON and OFF.