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Articles on C# programming language.

ViewState is Turned OFF, 3 Post-Back And its Result

Viewstate of Server in ASP.Net PostBack

Page Level Viewstate is useful for the server to recall the data exchange between the Browser Posts. In this example, we will create a simple form to collect user data and perform multiple data posts to the server. With this Form Field Data, we will study behavior of the server by turning the ViewState ON and OFF.

C# SplitContainer Example

C# SplitContainer Explained with Example

In this example, we will use C-Sharp’s SplitContainer to split two panels. We will also explore how to split the panels horizontally and vertically with different splitter widths. Finally, we will learn how to expand and collapse a panel in the splitter.

Execute Scalar Block Diagram

How do I use ExecuteScalar in C#?

In this Article, we will use ExecuteScalar function to find the number of records in a table. The article uses employees table from NorthWnd database. But still one can use any table in any database while proceeding through the article.