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Articles on C# programming language.

NumericUpDown and LinkLabel Control in C#

NumericUpdown and LinkLabel Example

LinkLabel Control is a kind of Label Control but it serves the view of a hyper-link. With this LinkLabel Control, you can mark portion the Label text or the full Label text with an underline. NumericUpDown Control is a mix of the text box and a pair of arrows pointing in opposite directions. Clicking the arrows of the NumericUpDown or holding down the mouse pointer on the arrow will increments or decrements the linked value. Most the application settings page uses this control. In the example, we will set up a windows Form and study these controls.

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ASP.Net ImageMap Control and Defining Image Hotspots

Hotspot values for Oklahoma State. Note, how two rectangle together defines the region

1. Introduction to ImageMap and HotSpots An ImageMap Control is an ASP.Net Web Control to mark specific portions of the Image. When a user clicks that specific portion, the ImageMap Control can either do a post back or navigate to an URL. This marked down portion is called HotSpot of an Image. In this example, we will mark specific states of USA by defining HotSpots in it and navigate to […]

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