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Articles on C# programming language.

C# GroupBox Container Control Example

Container Controls - Group Box Example

1. Introduction to GroupBox Control In this article, we will explore how to use the C# ‘GroupBox Control’ in C# windows forms-based applications. Before we start, we will learn about Topmost Container, Normal Container and Controls. The first fact one should know is that a Container holds Controls in it. For example, the Log-in dialog as a Container can hold username and password text boxes in it. A Container can act as […]

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C# Tracing & Event Logger Explained

Dotnet Debug Tracing Components

In this article, we will learn how to push C# debugging information into the Trace File and Windows Event Logger. This is useful when the application is deployed in the customer place. Debugging an application in customer place is almost not possible as we do not keep the source code in the deployed environment.
The screen-shot below shows our Example and you can download it from the link at the bottom of this article. Here, we will not explore how the application performs prime number summation. But, will learn how to perform tracing using the C# Application Programming Interface.

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Breakpoints & CSharp Application Debugging

The BreakPoint Window

Debugging is the process of finding the logical errors in the program by checking the source code during the execution. The execution of a program pauses when the break-point is hit. Here, I will walk you through the debugging using the sample EXE found with this article. We will start breaking the execution with Breakpoints, then we will see step-in and step-out options. Finally, we see how to add a conditional breakpoints.

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