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Asp 2.0

ASP AdRotator Control & Advertisements

Ad Banner and Advertisement Info in XML File

ASP’s AdRotator Control is useful for showing the Ads. This control acts as a placeholder for the image and the image is actually a link to the advertised website. AdRotator control regularly changes the image display and when the user clicks the image, they navigate to the target website. To use AdRotator, we must first create the images to the external websites. Then an XML file tells the AdRotator Control which site to navigate when a user clicks the image.

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ASP.Net ImageMap Control and Defining Image Hotspots

Hotspot values for Oklahoma State. Note, how two rectangle together defines the region

[toc] 1. Introduction to ImageMap and HotSpots An ImageMap Control is an ASP.Net Web Control to mark specific portions of the Image. When a user clicks that specific portion, the ImageMap Control can either do a post back or navigate to an URL. This marked down portion is called HotSpot of an Image. In this example, we will mark specific states of USA by defining HotSpots in it and navigate […]

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Default Focus and Default Button in ASP.Net

Default Focus and Default Button - WebForm Example

[toc] 1. Default Focus and Default Control – Introduction In this short article, we will learn the importance of setting the default control focus. Also, we will explore setting the default button for a form and for a group of controls. Most of the computer programmers or software users know what is control focus. In windows operating system, it sends all the keyboard and mouse signals to the control in […]

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