MFC CRgn Example – An Elliptical Dialog

MFC Round Window Using CRgn

CRgn is an MFC Class, which is useful to define regions. Using this one can define the outline of a telephone, DVD, Disc, etc. Once a region is ready, we can assign that to any MFC Window. This way one can display a telephone outline dial-in number pad as a window. In this example, we will create an elliptical MFC Login Dialog using CRgn and Region Path.

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MFC Dialog Background With Bitmap Image

MFC Dialog Background Example

In this article, we will see how to set the background image for the dialog-based MFC application. One can use the same technique for any dialog by handling the WM_PAINT message. The example which we will create is shown below

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Create Tool-Tip Using MFC CToolTipCtrl

MFC ToolTip Example

In this example, we will create a MFC dialog with two text boxes & a button. Then using CToolTipCtrl we will display the Tool-Tips for all three controls. To achieve this here, we derive our own class from the MFC Framework’s CToolTipCtrl.

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Menu Item Resource IDS in Sequential Order

When an owner window of the menu item decides how the menu item should look, then the menu item is known as Owner Drawn Menu. The default windows provided menu has a standard look and feel. We cannot add Red and blue-colored boxes as a menu item through the resource editor. In this Example, we will see how can we display only color boxes as a menu item under the color menu. Here, we will learn the need for the WM_DRAWITEM and WM_MEASUREITEM windows messages.

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Handling MFC Keyboard Messages With Shift & Toggle Key State

MFC Keyboard Messages

We know that keyboard and mouse are basic hardware interface supported by almost all the Computer Operating System. When the user hits the keyboard key, the device driver for the keyboard deals with it by making use of the interrupts. In this example we will learn how to handle Keyboard Messages using MFC SDI Application. First, We will provide a handler function for the Keyboard. Then, inside the handler, we will check for Shift Key State and Toggle Key State.

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