MFC Round Window Using CRgn

MFC CRgn Example – An Elliptical Dialog

CRgn is an MFC Class, which is useful to define regions. Using this one can define the outline of a telephone, DVD, Disc, etc. Once a region is ready, we can assign that to any MFC Window. This way one can display a telephone outline dial-in number pad as a window. In this example, we will create an elliptical MFC Login Dialog using CRgn and Region Path.

SystemTray Using NotifyIcon Control Example

System Tray Balloon Tooltip Using C# NotifyIcon Control

In this example, we study how to use C# NotifyIcon Control. Here, we also create a context menu and balloon tooltip to support the sample. The example places a tray icon when the user closes the application. When the user right clicks the Icon, it displays a context menu and through which the user can interact with this example. It runs a timer and when time crosses specific interval; the example notifies the user via a balloon tooltip. 

C# StatusStrip Example

C# StatusStrip Control Explained

‘StatusStrip’ is a group of strip controls like MenuStrip and ToolbarStrips. Application Developers uses the StatusStrips to display some quick status data to the user. C# StatusStrip Control allows us to add even combo and text boxes to the status. In this example, we will learn how to add a Status Bar to a C# Application with three status slots in it. Then we will look at some important properties and use that efficiently.